below is a generalized roadmap of the xxv network. most of this is probably optimistic but could result in legitimate features.

[x] native

native support. many different things are being tossed around for this idea — tauri being the most likely. however, native removes the intimate connection to the browser experience xxv is trying to emulate, so the idea may be scrapped.

[~] module exchange

as mentioned, modules are the lifeblood of the network. they are single html files that make up the apps xxv deploys. as of writing this (1.4.21), the module exchange is only a github repo that requires a pull request to add the file to. the hope for the future is to have a system similar to

[✓] auto update

pwas are not very... update friendly (for a reason, and it's a good reason - they're meant to stay static!). however, an automatic update that is triggered on your first instance of internet connection (while using the app, of course) would be extremely useful to keeping software up-to-date.